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Our job is love and personal satisfaction, to make personalized, high-quality hand-sewn tailored bags for musical instruments for you. In addition to handmade bags for musical instruments, for which we are specialized, we are able to custom sew everything except clothing and footwear.

We like challenges – we welcome your ideas and suggestions

We implemented our idea into a business opportunity, and started with all our hearts in the activity of production of hand-sewn tailored bags. According to the orders and interests of the clients - individuals as well as groups, bands, clubs, we custom-sew all kinds of protective bags for musical instruments.

Bags can be personalized with inscription, logo, name print, some detail, quote, whatever you like. 

That's what makes it your bag, handmade unique, the expression of yourself, as special and unique you are in your hobby or job.


Artigianato per la produzione di prodotti tessili
proprietario Vinka Antolović Cerin

Parentin 2
52352 Kanfanar

GSM: +385 91 136 00 63
Skype: vinkica37

e-mail - click on vinka@vincentias.com